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Master The Art Of Showing Confidence At Work: 5 Actionable Tips

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Master The Art Of Showing Confidence At Work: 5 Actionable Tips

Confidence is an often misunderstood trait. Loud, showy and extroverted behaviour can look like self-assurance, but that’s not always reality. ...
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Cultivating Your Voice : a Neuroscience perspective, Part 1

“I wish my organisation would stop making ‘excuses’ and make some real changes to move closer towards Net Zero!”  “ ...
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From Pain to Gain with Your Leadership Team

In our evolving business landscape, the role of senior leadership teams has never been more important in charting their organisation’s ...
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Reducing Anxiety by turning ‘Shoulds, Oughts and Musts’ into ‘Prefers, Likes and Wants’

Write down 3 statements about yourself, each of which contains a ‘Should’ ‘Ought’ or Must’. For example: Now, read each statement back and pay attention ...
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Are you currently avoiding a conversation? You need a model to de-risk it and here’s one that works

Something I’ve found when I’m coaching leaders is that a lot of really important conversations they should be having with ...
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Is it time to rethink and rebrand “difficult conversations”?

At work some years ago I asked my line manager for a pay increase. As far as I was concerned, ...
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‘High-performing teams’​: an outdated concept 

The notion of creating ‘high-performing teams’ permeates organisational language and literature. Clients often request it at the start of our ...
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Coaching and Neurodiversity: Everybody’s talking about it, but what are we doing about it?

Every so often a new hot topic sweeps across the coaching world. Every professional body, publication, social media platform, training ...
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Autism and Leadership: The Role of Coaching

Henry Cavendish is an acclaimed 18th century scientist. He discovered hydrogen, developed a formula to calculate the density of the ...
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