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Are you currently avoiding a conversation? You need a model to de-risk it and here’s one that works

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‘High-performing teams’​: an outdated concept 

The notion of creating ‘high-performing teams’ permeates organisational language and literature. Clients often request it at the start of our ...
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Coaching and Neurodiversity: Everybody’s talking about it, but what are we doing about it?

Every so often a new hot topic sweeps across the coaching world. Every professional body, publication, social media platform, training ...
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Autism and Leadership: The Role of Coaching

Henry Cavendish is an acclaimed 18th century scientist. He discovered hydrogen, developed a formula to calculate the density of the ...
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Safely Uncertain – The journey starts here

“The fearless organisation is one in which interpersonal fear is minimised so that the team and organisational performance can be ...
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