Executive Coaching

Our coaches help ambitious executives conquer workplace and personal challenges to move their career to the next level.

Executive Coaching Services in Winchester

Executive Coaching

World-class coaches, hand-picked for success

Our esteemed coaches are carefully selected for their corporate experience, emotional intelligence and natural authority. They have an impressive range of credentials and have all held high-profile commercial roles in a variety of sectors. This allows them to coach with context, probing beyond the surface level to what is driving behaviours and needs.

Many come from senior leadership and executive committee level roles and have been inspired to a new career as a coach so they can enable like-minded professionals to learn, grow and achieve.

As an executive bearing the weight of high expectations, it’s easy to overlook your personal development needs. Finding time in your schedule for regular executive coaching sessions can prove a very valuable investment, helping both you and your team to thrive.
An executive coach can provide thoughtful and impartial feedback to help you develop your unique leadership style, overcome personal barriers and improve your response mechanisms, as well as gain valuable insight into the behaviours of your team and peers.
We can match you to the ideal executive coach, who will support you in your journey to become more effective and successful both inside and outside of the workplace.

Executive Coaching

How does executive coaching work?

When you work with one of our coaches, you can expect to form a relationship of trust and mutual respect, in which thoughts can be shared in the strictest of confidence. Our coaches are direct, plain speaking, with a sincere desire to support you and your team. In many situations, they take on the role of mentor as well as coach, bringing valuable knowledge, skills and experience to the table.

Our executive coaches can help to overcome a range of leadership challenges, such as:

  • positioning to secure next role
  • stepping into an enterprise/strategic role
  • managing transition
  • developing leadership skills
  • support through challenge

Highly qualified and accomplished coaches

Following their impressive commercial careers, our partners have established themselves as trusted and accomplished coaches. Like you, they are valuable experts in their field with solid qualifications and corporate experience. The majority of our coaches have at least 2,000 hours of senior level coaching and 10 years of coaching expertise under their belt – many with significantly more.

  • have credible coaching qualifications, including ILM Level 7, Diploma or Professional Certificate.
  • engage in regular supervision with a qualified coach supervisor
  • engage in CPD

How will executive coaching help improve senior leadership?

Coping with the increasing demands of a senior role can be challenging. Your experienced coach will provide support and guidance to help you manage pressure, enhance resilience and safeguard your wellbeing. Together, you will identify and challenge unhelpful beliefs, distance yourself from self-criticism and learn to control your attitude and response.

Many successful leaders have at some point experienced crippling self-doubt and felt that their success was undeserved. Despite being the catalyst for your own success, e.g. landing a high-profile project or achieving a promotion, irrational thoughts can creep in and impact your confidence and motivation. Your coach will help you develop your authentic leadership brand, regain confidence and recognise your credibility. 

Stakeholders often have high expectations of new leadership and want immediate results. Your coach will support and challenge you in the early days to make a good impression, assert your credibility and make some early wins. With a pragmatic approach, they will work with you on your First 90 Day plan and enable you to ‘land with impact’, navigate the corridors and deliver strategic wins to establish your authority.

Stepping up into a new role puts you in the spotlight for the better or the worse. Your coach will help you to shine, enabling you to take charge of the new situation, achieve early credibility and cope with the pressures of intense change. They will help to review your current environment and culture, assess the situation from your key stakeholders’ perspective, devise a First 90 Day plan and act as a valuable sounding board.

Stakeholder engagement and management is essential for any successful leader. It is a key part of corporate social responsibility and achieving the triple bottom line. Your coach will work with you to identify the needs and expectations of your most important stakeholders to enable you to collaborate with them effectively and assert your influence to achieve your goals.

Polishing your ability to influence raises the perception of your leadership brand, strengthening people, processes and performance outcomes. In modern matrix-style structures, you can no longer rely on positional power to achieve your desired outcomes. Your coach will motivate you to communicate with authority and authenticity, using practical tools to drive the ‘buy-in’ required to achieve your goals.

Whether returning from an extended break or after becoming a new parent, your specialist coach will connect with you before, during and after your leave from work. They can also prepare your line manager to support your return and manage expectations. Their support in redefining your priorities and achieving your professional goals will enable a smooth transition back into the workplace for you and your organisation.

Our specialist career coaches have had successful corporate careers and know what it takes to enable you to make your next move. They will steer you to achieve your full potential by identifying appropriate roles, positioning you for consideration, nailing your brand and preparing for interviews, for both executive and NED roles.

Strategic leaders need to be ‘comfortable with the uncomfortable’, dealing as they do with volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA). Your coach will help you develop a strong stance from which you can better influence others and fully inhabit your leadership role. They can also support your shift from technical expert to people leadership, where knowledge sometimes takes a back seat to building key relationships.

Creating an authentic leadership style that aligns with your personal values is key to becoming a successful leader. Once you know what your leadership style looks like, your confidence and performance level will grow and you will become noticed. Your coach will help you build your resilience and response mechanisms to become a stronger leader and more powerful agent of change. 

Conflict in business, as in life, is inevitable. Whether it’s a conflict of facts, interests, resources, procedures or behaviour, achieving mutual clarity and understanding is the only way to make progress. Your coach can support you during times of conflict by providing practical tips and advice on responding to conflict more effectively.

Many senior executives are challenged to lead significant organisational change in response to, or in anticipation of, major changes in their environment or technology. For some, that may be across multiple locations, or even globally. As a change leader, your coach will provide helpful resources and encourage, support and challenge as you deliver lasting and positive change to your organisation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions? We want you to be as sure as possible about choosing us.

There are different factors to consider when costing the appropriate coaching solution – we need to understand the type of coaching being sought; the specific needs, what is the seniority of individual/s are and so forth. Once we have gathered all the information, we will be able to provide you with the associated costs. We will do our best to work within your budget and we’ll always be realistic about the outcomes you can achieve within these parameters. We offer 20% reduction for charities and social enterprises.

A one-to-one coaching programme consists typically of 12 hours. In our experience this is the optimal time to make significant behavioural changes, to be able to let go of old habits and behaviours and start to embrace new ones. Specialist , mentoring and team coaching can often be shorter. Once we know your coaching need and budget we can discuss with you the right solution.

We recommend that you talk with at least 3 potential coaches for a ‘chemistry’ meeting. This is critical to the start of your coaching journey, you need to feel that you have a rapport and connection with the coach to ensure they are the ‘right fit’ for you.

All coaching is confidential between the coach and coachee. However, we would encourage the line manager to be involved in the early stages to establish both business and personal objectives and be able to support the coachee on their coaching journey as required.​ No specific content of the actual coaching sessions is ever shared.