Lunch and Learn: Resilience

Friday 23rd February 2023

13:00 - 13:45

During periods of stress, possessing resilience is essential. It aids employees in adapting, coping, and responding positively to workplace stressors. Resilience not only safeguards employees from issues such as burnout and psychological distress, but is also connected to wellbeing, proactivity, creativity, and overall performance at work.

In this Lunch & Learn session our expert coach Calum Byers will share insights in understanding what resilience is, and how we can learn to manage the impact of stressors on our lives by developing a resilience strategy. 

About the Speaker
Calum Byers

Calum combines 30 years of international business experience with expertise as an accredited coach to help his clients successfully develop their leadership skills and manage new personal or business challenges. He has worked with over 500 senior managers and executives over the last few years across a wide range of companies and functional roles. He has a particular interest in how people find meaning and purpose in their work and personal lives, and the connection with resilience.

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