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What every introvert needs to know about themselves

Probably the most common misunderstanding about personality type is that introverts are antisocial, and extroverts are pro-social. This is incorrect – the need for intimacy is present in both extroverts and introverts. Introverts are more likely to be someone with a select group of close friends who prefer sincere and meaningful conversations over wild parties.

What are the common traits of an introvert?

  • find socialising an energy drainer
  • need reflection time and time to recharge their batteries
  • are territorial – they like their own protected space and one way to keep it private is to guard what they show the world
  • don’t often tell people about their own thinking which can lead to misunderstandings
  • often speak at a slower pace than extroverts; they can appear hesitant and uncertain of their opinion
  • give deep thought to their ideas
  • give value to meaning, they want to be precise and select the right words to express them

Tips and advice for Introverts

  • Plan how to enter and exit social occasions and how to start a conversation
  • Take breaks and regulate your stimulation, its ok
  • Tell colleagues that when you are silent, you are reflecting. ‘That’s a good point, I’m giving it some thought’
  • Prepare a few comments when you know a subject will come up so you can make a few quick remarks

5 step plan to stop feeling overwhelmed

  1. Notice what is going on in your body – physically
  2. Breathe and have a drink of water
  3. Notice what you are saying to yourself in your head and use a calming voice to reassure yourself
  4. Remember other stressful situations that you have handled
  5. Remember the upside, feeling overwhelmed is part of being introverted
  6. Don’t criticise yourself, it means you take in lots of information and that your brain is very active

Advantages of being an introvert

  • Focus well for long periods
  • Persistent
  • Take many factors into account
  • Master new information
  • Strive to do a good job
  • Contemplate
  • Create in imaginative ways

About the Author

Amanda Bolger is an Aziz executive coach who works with introverted leaders to improve their personal impact, address challenges such as imposter syndrome and embrace their strengths.


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  3. Quiet Leadership – David Rock
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  5. How to Stand out and get Noticed – the Success Code – John Lees

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