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Working with VUCA

When working with my clients on VUCA themes and challenges I fall back on Korn Ferry Lominger’s Learning Agility model. Leaders need to identify, develop and recruit increasingly ‘agile’ teams. Specifically:

Mental Agility – Mentally agile individuals are critical thinkers and are exceptional at finding solutions to complex problems
People Agility – Individuals with high people agility are skilled at sizing up people and the political landscape.
Change Agility – Leaders need to be able to speedily introduce new slants, new directions and lead and be comfortable and confident with change.
Results Agility – Results agile leaders are driven and resourceful. They inspire others to stretch and go beyond.
Self-Awareness – High self-awareness is the bedrock !

Tony is an Aziz executive coach. He uses his extensive experience of delivering high commercial performance to support leaders build confidence, self-awareness and a more impactful leadership approach whilst moving ‘up’ the organisation into more strategic, visionary and change-resilient roles. Watch this short clip to find out more about Tony’s experience and approach.

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