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Coaching Superheroes (Goals Vs Values?)

There are two superheroes in my work as a coach, one is goal-setting and the other is value-based action. Like all good superhero stories this is one about balance of power. For me these aren’t superheroes who are arch enemies, they are a Batman and Robin style dynamic duo.

As Russ Harris describes in his book ‘The Happiness Trap’, goals tell us how to get from A to B but values are the compass that keep us on the right track to a rich and meaningful life.

In this brilliant book, Russ explains why goals can be less helpful to us in the long-term than values. However, I would argue that this is only the case when we are either unaware of our values or we are chasing our goals at the expense of living our values. If we turn around and make values the central character, with the process of goal-setting the side-kick, then we get an incredible combined force.

It is now a central part of my coaching approach to work with clients to gain a clear understanding of their values and then support them to set powerful goals. Together they are a ‘Marvel-ous’ force for good!

Hazel combines her experience of challenging leadership roles with a deep understanding of human psychology to support clients to overcome challenges, build resilience and deliver sustainable high performance.

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