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Pairs coaching for key senior roles

“Pairs coaching is a powerful intervention to help build strong, efficient ways of working between executives. It is a proactive intervention to support healthy relationships in our matrix structured organisation. It prevents the need for remedial interventions when tension points arise.” – HR Business Partner, Standard Life

Increasingly leaders need to collaborate and influence across matrix networks, silo boundaries or in partnerships with other organisations. The term ‘WeQ’, rather than ‘EQ’, is frequently being used to emphasise the social and relational aspects of leadership. In many organisations there are pairs of people who’s relationship is the cornerstone of corporate success.

“My chief Operating Officer and I worked…on how we strengthen our relationship in order to better lead change in our organisation. The presence of two coaches was extremely powerful. (They) are masterful facilitators with complementary strengths.” – Accountable Officer, NHS CCG

Pairs coaching is a powerful new leadership development intervention. It provides an opportunity to fast-track working relationships as both sides of the pair are supported in the room at the same time. Typical pairings include CEO and Chair, CEO and COO or two peers working closely together on organisational transformation. Pairs coaching can be standalone, an add-on to individual coaching or can form part of a team development programme. It is particularly helpful to:

  • discourage silo working
  • empower peers to become curious rather than resistant
  • facilitate more energising and productive conversations

Executives need and deserve support to accelerate key relationships because they have urgent work to do. They cannot afford to wait while relationships ‘iron themselves out’ or develop naturally overtime. Common content includes:

  • developing shared vision
  • difficult decision-making
  • navigating uncertainty
  • managing complex stakeholders
  • overcoming difficulties in collaborating with each other

For an initial discussion, email kate@azizcorp.com or call 019862 774 766 and we’ll get in touch to organise a time to suit you or come and see pairs coaching in action on 19th September.

Pairs Coaching Demonstration

19th September 12-2pm, London

Join us for a spot of lunch and experience a live pairs coaching session. During this demonstration and discussion, you’ll see two coaches work with a pair of senior leaders using the Gestalt Cape Cod Model as a framework. This is a free session but we are limited on space so let us know as soon as you can if you’d like us to hold a space for you or a colleague.

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