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Performance and Presence Remote Coaching

I recently carried out a Performance and Presence session with a client in Ghana. I was concerned as to how this would work prior to the session as my training focuses heavily on the physical aspects of presenting and personal impact. For example, I was wondering how I would be able to demonstrate correct breathing techniques to someone via a video link.  I work with clients on aspects such as posture, body language, gestures, eye contact, vocal technique, managing the audience’s focus, among other techniques. All of these could, potentially, have been difficult to work on when not in the same room as my client.

I was also concerned about how the technology would hold up. Would we be able to see and hear each other well enough?

However, despite my concerns, I was delighted that we managed to have an extremely successful session. There were times when the technology let us down slightly and I couldn’t see or hear my client very well, but she was always able to see and hear me, so it did not halt the session in any way.  My client and I both angled our cameras carefully throughout the three hours we spent together to ensure we were able to see each other as much as possible. We managed to work on all the main aspects of delivery in terms of presentation skills and I was thrilled that my client was so positive at the end of the session.

Originally, my client had been planning on travelling to England and so the session would have been face-to-face, but due to work commitments she had been unable to do so. The only other options would have been to either cancel the session or postpone it for the foreseeable future. The fact that we could go ahead with the session had huge benefits for my client who was able to progress with her training and personal development while remaining close to her work and her colleagues.

Overall, both my client and I were delighted that the session had been such a success. With modern technology, there is no reason why virtual coaching like this should not occur more frequently, for mutual benefit.


Helen is our Aziz expert equipping senior executives with presentation and communication skills. She has worked across many different sectors and her clients include Roche Pharmaceutical, GlaxoSmithKline, London Deanery, Barclays Bank, Transport for London, National Grid, The Royal Household, Costain, Vodafone and Warner Brothers.

Following her training at Birmingham University and the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art, Helen worked in many of the leading theatres throughout the country. She also spent a year working at the National Theatre. Helen’s film and TV work includes various productions for the BBC and independent film producers. She has also worked in radio and voice-over and has narrated a number of children’s audiobooks.


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