About Mike G

Mike G

I have over 20 years’ experience as an executive coach for senior leaders and top teams. My credibility comes from my own experience in a number of key leadership roles across various sectors.

About Mike G

I have a track record of leading companies, Boards and leadership teams in CEO, MD and specialist roles where change, growth and culture were at the core of what I did. This was across a range of scales and sectors from start-up, turnaround and mid-market to large corporate organisations. As well as being GM for a FTSE100 tech company, I have worked in various services and technology businesses. My most significant corporate achievement was buying four companies in Europe, integrating them, and driving 1600% growth within two years. My work as a coach, facilitator and Board advisor has covered the mobile comms, transport, data, media, utilities, manufacturing, insurance, banking and pharmaceutical sectors. I bring this experience, as well as a deep psychological understanding of leadership, to my coaching so that I can deliver tangible change and a practical, applied approach to doing ‘what works’. I want to make a difference to how leaders think, feel and behave, so they and the people around them have a more productive, enjoyable and fulfilling journey – the three are not mutually exclusive!

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