About Brian


I am an experienced Board executive with a background in Commercial and Operational roles in the transport and retail sectors.

About Brian

I have held executive positions at Heathrow Airport as Commercial and Operations Director and Transport for London as Customer Service Director.
I have built my career with a clear focus on customer needs, commercial negotiation and operational management, including during my earlier career in retail with World Duty Free, sales with Diageo and contract catering with Compass Group. Having led large scale teams of up to 6,500 colleagues, my reputation as a leader is of maximising the potential of great teams and individuals through simplifying complexity, turning strategy into action, and working collaboratively across organisations to deliver results that exceed customer and stakeholder expectations. Through creating the right conditions for success, I have worked with teams and individuals to deliver organisational, personal improvement and career progression. Having benefitted personally from coaching and enjoyed helping people to maximise their potential, I trained as an executive coach to complement my experience in business with a coaching approach and mindset.

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