About Andy J

Andy J

I have over 30 years’ experience of leadership and senior management roles in the financial sector, leading transformational change programmes across multiple locations, including India.

About Andy J

I am a chartered accountant and former Finance Director. I took my first Board-level role over 20 years ago and have led diverse, global teams in some of the world’s most successful financial services companies. As COO at Credit Suisse and Board Director of the UK Pension Plan (£1bn+) I led the creation of their off-shore global finance function whilst living in Pune, India for 12 months, hiring and training staff and setting the foundations for growth to 14,000 employees today. At Fidelity International as Executive Director and previously European Finance Director, I was responsible for the global finance and procurement transformation, delivering significant organisational, systems, process and people change to reduce costs and improve efficiency. In 2007 I personally experienced the benefits of coaching and that ultimately led to my training as, and then becoming, a coach. I bring real breadth of experience to my coaching and can connect with people whilst broadening their thinking through insightful questioning and challenge.

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