Engaging Key Stakeholders Virtually

Project Overview

A charitable foundation improving the health and wellbeing of children and young people in growing cities around the globe. They enable change by collaborating with key partners including governments, providers, NGOs and community workers; therefore the ability to influence and engage stakeholders in a compelling vision is critical to their success. They were looking to empower a small group of 5 subject matter experts to speak at events and take part in panel discussions. This required a framework for the preparation and delivery of successful presentations both online and in ‘live’ events.

Our Approach

During the midst of this planning, the pandemic took hold across the globe and with immediate effect, these senior leaders were required to lead their teams remotely whilst maintaining online communication with all key stakeholder groups to ensure the on-going positive impact of the charity. Previously planned face-to-face events were cancelled or moved online. The need to present successfully to a virtual audience was never more pressing.

Mark specialises in presentation skills, public speaking and helping Board members deliver effective IPOs. He helps his clients create great content, project their presence, engage and influence their audiences.

He has over 14 years’ experience working with senior leaders on the impact of their communication and how they deliver key messages to gain the maximum impact possible.

Following a full brief from the client, a bespoke programme was designed. This involved 2 virtual group workshops, and some follow-on individual coaching. The first group workshop focused on the transferable skills between live and virtual presenting. In the second group workshop individuals put into practice what they have learnt by presenting online to each other and discussing their visual impact. Following this, Mark provided each delegate with an individual report listing their strengths and areas of development before arranging individual sessions to practise using the materials from the previous two sessions and details in their report.

Mark Says

“The success on this course (and with senior people in general) for me, comes from the 2.5 hour coaching session. Even at a senior level, delegates will be at different levels, so it allows you to tailor your input much more to the individual opposite you and their needs – whether that’s helping them find the nuance in their delivery, the subtleties of their body language or working with their mindset, it always produces more meaningful results.


English was not the first language for any of these spokespeople. Whilst their English was very good, they spoke technical and professional English with varying degrees of confidence. The majority of international platforms and media they dealt with were English speaking


Use of a solid methodology to prepare and practice. Maintaining attention span for longer with your audience. Being able to influence them more effectively. Coming across as the best of yourself.


The individuals found they were able to prepare for online meetings where they were presenting more effectively and in a shorter time. Their colleagues commented within 2 weeks of their coaching on their improved performance

Chief Investment Officer

My coaching by Mark was very valuable to me and an eyeopener at a presentation I had to gove a few days after. Mark’s principle is – less is more. Take care of the little details in your messaging and your body language. Be well prepared. He teaches you all that is relevant and a solid methodology to master the challenges that typically happen in a presentation situation. I highly recommend Mark’s coaching!

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