Meet the Team

The Team at Aziz Corporate

We work hard to allocate the best fit coach or mentor for both the client organisation and the individual coachee.

For over 40 years, the team at Aziz Corporate have shown again and again that we’re experts in finding executive mentors. Take a look below at the team that makes Aziz Corporate tick.

Khalid Aziz

Lead Communications Skills Coach

I help global executives step up from delivering good to excellent presentations for Investor Roadshows, Town Halls, to the media or in everyday corridor conversations to advance their career.

Robert Kemp

Managing Director

I am available to assist anyone in our Heads of Talent/L&D client network. Much of my time is spent liaising with our coaches and mentors on projects and finding new talent for our world class coaching team.

Stewart Mackay

Client Support Executive

My role is focused on supporting clients – making sure that we offer the best coaching solutions, that fit their needs and help them reach success. I manage client relationships, as well as supporting marketing functions.

Sharon Shea

Client Support

My role is focused on keeping track of the coaching programmes, recording sessions etc., matching those with any coach invoices received and reconciling any queries.

Charlie Garrathy

Marketing Director

I oversee and co-ordinate our marketing and communications. I am responsible for PR, campaigns and client retention.


We're Experts in Finding Experts

From emotional resilience to stakeholder management, imposter syndrome and return to work; our executive coaches are prepared to help you level up your leadership.

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